Hello! Please check out some of my projects that may be of interest to you! If you are interested in talking technical details with me, have ideas for future projects, or are interested in collaborating with me on something, please drop me a message!

Disruptive Technology (UDRI 2016) – Page coming soon
– Startup featuring industry-shaping technology that will redefine augmented reality
– Can’t talk about it yet or say which industry
– Uses Lidar and Projection to augment the world

 Client-Server Development (UDRI 2016) – Page coming soon
– Java, C++ Web Development, PostgreSQL Databases, Networking

Machine Vision (UDRI Full Time – Started 2015)
– Xbox Kinect 2 Development (Coming Soon)
– Nvidia Jetson Board (TK-X1) Development
– Point Grey cameras including Thermal, Optical, and Stereo Vision

Human-Computer Dialog Toolkit (Research Since Spring 2015)
– Prototype 0.1, your basic Q/A dialogues
– Prototype 0.2, fun with acyclic graphs
– Prototype 0.3, sub-dialogues, escapes, complex dialogues
 Version 0.4, Natural Language Processing and Domain Recognition

8-bit Minecraft Computer (CPS 250 – UG Computer Organization Spring 2014)

Animation Programming (CPS 149 – Teaching Assistant Fall 2014)

Raspberry Pi Projects (Hobby and Real World Solutions!)
– Hosting Minecraft servers (before the official release)
– Creating 2TB of cloud storage for $150
– Internet of things applications

CPU Scheduler Emulator (CPS 356 – UG Operating systems Fall 2014)
– A teaching tool for operating systems simulating CPU scheduling

Minecraft Projects (Since 2010) – Page coming soon
– Creative Minecraft projects, including editing a book on Minecraft for kids!

Evolutionary Programming (CPS 485 –  Fall 2015) – Page coming soon

Game Development using Emerging Languages (Spring 2016) – Page coming soon
– Lua, Erlang, Elixer, Haskell, Scheme, Go, ruby, python

Building This Website (Since 2013) – Page coming soon