8-bit Minecraft Computer

Welcome! This is one of my favorite projects! Since Minecraft BETA was released, I have been a huge fan of the infinite, open-world lego box. My freshmen year of college, I started to learn about logic gates and assembly in my computer organization class and I decided to try something big. I had seen videos of cool Minecraft computers made by college students at Harvard and MIT and I decided that I wanted to make an even better one.

Due to recent updates in Minecraft, the redstone repeater was added/improved and I saw an opportunity to dramatically scale down the way memory is created in Minecraft. For those of you who don’t know, you can store an on/off state in a redstone repeater with a simple switch that enables the repeater to freeze/unfreeze its state. Using this element of the game, I could create fairly small 8×8 bit memory storage devices (I found that 8×8 was a fairly practical size).

I was able to create an adder/subtracter using the redstone torch to create AND, OR, and XOR logic gates. This takes up a little more space than memory depending on how large of numbers you want to be able to process. I created an 8-bit adder which allowed me to add or subtract numbers from 0-255.

The uniqueness of my Minecraft computer comes from the display units. Using redstone lamps, an in game block that lights up in the on state, I was able, after several attempts, to create a fairly practical display with unique characters for the digits 0-9 and the letters A-Z. However, I only made the display 5 characters by 8 characters, the minimum to allow me to enter 8 of 4 available assembly instructions. As far as I know, I was the first to have a programmable display attached to my Minecraft computer which allowed me to interact with my programs as I was running them!!!!

Please enjoy this amateur video of my Minecraft computer! Link Here.