Machine Vision

Welcome! What is Machine Vision?

Some common examples include:

  • QR code readers, barcode scanners (Everywhere)
  • Facial Recognition (Facebook, NSA)
  • Skeleton Tracking (Xbox Kinect)
  • Guided Missiles (Military)

While several of these examples are very useful, here are a few more awesome examples of computer vision:

  • 3D Point cloud Reconstruction
  • Feature Detection/Extraction
  • Object Classification and Detection/Recognition/Tracking
  • Image Alignment
  • Safety Systems (in cars, fighting crime, in factories and nursing homes)

In January of 2015, I entered the field of machine vision (by chance) when I began working at UDRI full time. What I found is that when I put in 40 hours a week on something new, I become an expert very very quickly. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that two of my coworkers have their Ph.D. in computer vision! A few months in I began combining some of the latest algorithms into  a robust, multipurpose computer vision application for a wide range of industrial applications. I tailor and improve this generic model to fit each of our customer’s needs. Applications for machine vision include:

  • Thermal image monitoring during casting cycles
  • Automatic part alignment before soldering
  • Tool tracking for quality assurance
  • Self-guided robots (and cars)
  • Structural integrity analysis through image processing
  • Machine inspection systems
  • Safety detection systems

When I get a chance, I upload some basic demonstrations. I will not include the source code for my application as the work put into it is potentially proprietary. However, I should be able to upload some cool videos of some of the potential applications where customers can use computer vision to bring their manufacturing processes to the next generation!

Check back soon!